***Deathrun Reunion 2020 Edition [27.12.20]***

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***Deathrun Reunion 2020 Edition [27.12.20]***

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Hello everyone, since I see no other date so far, here we go with another yearly reunion on the one and only HL2 DM Area 51 Deathrun Server. I set it on a Sunday, Dec. 27, right between Christmas and New Years. It will be at night for Europeans and around 4pm for Americans (put the correct times below). Feel free to join anytime afterwards too.

See y'all soon and merry christmas, Area 51!
  • Sun 27 Dec - DR Reunion

    Paris time - 10:30 pm

    Eastern time US - 4:30 pm

    Pacific time US - 1:30 pm
Spread the word far & wide (Steam, discord) to get as many people onboard!
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