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add / update maps

Post by foreignkidney »

I would really like if you could replace the hot desert map that is on the server with a different one that is better in my opinion because it has secrets (flashbang and smoke).
Also I would really like for the maps princess akai and princess nightmare to be added.

Also idk if its possible i dont know what plugin u use for the bhop assist but it would be nice if the assist was a little more powerful like if it was easier to bhop.

zip file with the maps: ...
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Re: add / update maps

Post by ant_8490 »

Updated deathrun_hot_desert and added princess_nightmare. Princess_akai had music right from the start of every round that was way too annoying to tolerate, so it was not added.

We do not use a separate plugin to assist in bhop. Only default server cvars, such as sv_airaccelerate, etc, were modified. I increased sv_airaccelerate some more to maybe help a bit.
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