What's Area 51 Deathrun server?

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Peter Brev

What's Area 51 Deathrun server?

Post by Peter Brev » Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:03 pm

If you are new to the server and wish to learn how to play the game, read this thread: http://www.area51servers.com/forums/vie ... =17&t=5836

Many of the current players know all the changes/updates of the server, new players don't know what functionalities the server have.

As per a guideline of the server functionalities, you will know everything about the server and the commands you can use as a player.

1) Commands available

As a player, you have different commands that you can use such as:

A) !cmds -> Pops up the list of CMD's available for you to use.

B) votekick -> It allows you to kick a player by players vote (minimum required varies depending on how many players are playing).

C) voteban -> It allows you to ban a player by players vote (minimum required varies depending on how many players are playing).

D) votemute -> It allows you to mute a player by players vote (minimum required varies depending on how many players are playing).

E) !rules -> Pops up the server rules and maps specific rules.

F) !gifts -> Pops up how many gifts/intels you've collected, the points you currently got and your rank.

G) !store -> Opens a menu (by pressing esc) and let's you purchase any desired items with the points you've earned from the gifts/intels (this command is only available in spectate mode).

H) !points -> Shows your current points.

I) !switch/!teams -> Let's you switch to spec, rebels or combines.

J) !god*, !speed* -> Toggles on the god mode and/or the speed mode.

K) !models** !effects*** -> Let's you choose your model and/or effect(s).

L) !donate -> Opens the donate page. It is recommended to use the web browser outside the game so you do not get any errors whatsoever. By donating to the server, you help the owners to upgrade the server. You also gain donator's advantages (see donate page for more details: http://www.area51servers.com/donate/). Minimum to donate us $5.

M) !chatcolor <Color> -> Let's you change the chat color to what ever you like. Type !chatcolor to open a menu with all available colors, beware, loads of colors ;-).

N) !color** -> Let's you change your skin's color.

O) !hats** -> Let's you choose a hat.

P) !perks -> Let's you unlock models, tools and more after playing a long time on the server. More information here: http://www.area51servers.com/forums/vie ... =17&t=6205

Q) !music, !addmusic -> Let's you listen to music while playing and/or add music to the playlist. You don't lag while listening to music. If you get an error, media not playing, update your flash player.

*Only available once bought in the !store.

**Free for donators.

2) In-game sounds

You've got the possibility to play up to 10 sounds in the server per map.*

These sounds are: wtf (2 sounds), omg, not okay, doodie, bullshit, bitch, ele, shesaid, nigga, niggawhat, niggadown, grapist, 9000, oh he dead, retard alert, gaben, sucks, mad, leedle.

Rejoining will not reset your sounds.

3) Miscellaneous

If the owners are accepting admins, you may apply if you fulfil the requirements: http://www.area51servers.com/forums/vie ... f=21&t=167

Always listen to an admin in-game.

Not every little rule has to be written down, use common sense to know what you can do or not.

Abusive admins can be reported here: http://www.area51servers.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=22
Beware, reporting an admin because you have a personal problem with him will backfire you, think twice before submitting a report: http://www.area51servers.com/forums/vie ... =22&t=4906

The respect rule doesn't exist, however, a minimum of respect is always welcome. Remember, our admin team can handle trolls and other unacceptable behaviours.

You are on an american server, so speak English.

You are free to play and leave the server at any time, no one will ever force you to play the server 24/7.

You may join the GR clan only if you fulfil the requirements:
a) At least 24 hours
b) Must be able to follow the rules adequately.
c) Only applies to admin, if you play on Area 51 servers, the GR tag must be first. It is not a problem being in other groups, but it has been decided to have the GR tag first.

This is the forums, everything you need is here.

A suggestion? a question? Feel free to ask anything here.

4) Contacting the owners

If you need to contact the owners, use the PM or you can use Steam to add them.

If I missed anything, please let me know.
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Re: What's Area 51 Deathrun server?

Post by Demon » Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:29 pm

Very informative topic, I leik.
Gj and nice effort.

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