HL2DM Spawn List
682 Spawnable Items

Just type these words in CHAT with "!" in front to spawn the item.
Example: !blastdoor3

Custom beam1 beam2 beam3 bed bedopen block1 block2 cd cookie copymachine cranebase1 cranebase2 cube1 cube2 cube3 cube4 cube5 cube6 disk1 disk2 disk3 disk4 floor1 floor2 floor3 floor4 floor5 goldbar laptop lego metal1 metal1_tri metal2 metal2_tri metal3 metal3_tri metal4 metal4_tri metal5 metal5_tri pelican phone pillow pole1a pole1b pole2a pole2b pole3a pole3b pole4a pole4b router screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5 slab1 slab1_thin slab2 slab2_thin slab3 slab3_thin slab4 slab4_thin slab5 slab5a slab5b slab6 slab6a slab6b slab7 slab8 spaceship1 spaceship1_wingL spaceship1_wingR spaceship2 spaceship2_door sphere1 sphere2 sphere3 sphere4 sphere5 usb wall1 wall2 wall3 wall4 window_angle1 window_angle2 window_angle3 window_curve1a window_curve1b window_curve2a window_curve2b window_curve3a window_curve3b window_dome1 window_dome2 window_dome3 window1x1 window1x2 window2x2 window2x4 window4x4 A                     TOP antlionhill archgate1 archgate2 archgate3 archgate4 archwindow armchair awning1 awning2 B                     TOP barricade1 barricade2 bars1 bars2 bars3 bars4 bars5 bars6 bars7 bathtub1 bathtub2 bedframe1 bedframe2 bedframe3 bench1 bench2 bench3 bigrock bike binderblue bindergray bindergreen binderred blastdoor1 blastdoor2 blastdoor3 bluebarrel boat1 boat2 boat3 boiler bottle1 bottle2 bottle3 bottle4 bottle5 bottle6 bottle7 breenbust breenchair breenclock breenconsole breendesk breenglobe breenpod1 breenpod2 breenpod3 breentube breenwindow bridge1 bridge2 bridge3 bridge4 briefcase bucket1 bucket2 bucket3 buoy C                     TOP cabinet1 cabinet2 cactus cafeteriabench cafeteriatable cagelight cagelightred canister1 canister2 carblue1 carblue2 cardboardbox1 cardboardbox2 cardboardbox3 cardboardbox4 cardboardbox5 cardboardbox6 cardboardbox7 cargocontainer1 cargocontainer2 cargreen carousel carred1 cartire carwheel carwhite1 carwhite2 carwhite3 caryellow cashregister cellarray1 cellarray2 cellarray3 celldoor cellwindow chair1 chair2 chair3 chair4 chair5 chair6 chair7 citizenradio clipboard clock1 clock2 clock3 coffintop1 coffintop2 column columnlight combinebarricade1a combinebarricade1b combinebarricade2a combinebarricade2b combinebarricade2c combinebarricade3 combinebarricade4 combinebarricadeshort1 combinebarricadeshort2 combinebarricadeshort3 combinebarricadetall1a combinebarricadetall1b combinebarricadetall2 combinebarricadetall3a combinebarricadetall3b combinebarricadetall4a combinebarricadetall4b combineboothmed combineboothshort combinebridgeend combinebridgemid combinebutton combinecamera combinedoor1 combinedoor2 combinedoor3 combinefence1a combinefence1b combinegenerator combineinterface1 combineinterface2 combineinterface3 combinelight1a combinelight1b combinelight2 combinemonitor1 combinemonitor2 combinemonitorbay combinetrain1 combinetrain2 combinetrain3 combinewall1 combinewall2 combinewallcluster1 combinewallcluster2 combinewallcluster3 combinewindow computer concretebarrier concretepipe1 concretepipe2 concretepipe3 connection1 connection2 connection3 connection4 connection5 consolebox1 consolebox2 consolebox3 coolingtank1 coolingtank2 coolingtank3 couch1 couch2 couch3 couch4 crane craneframe craneframe_interior cupboard D                     TOP desk1 desk2 desk3 desklamp displaycooler dock1 dock2 dock3 dockbumper dockpole1 dockpole2 dockpolecluster dogsign doll dome1 dome2 dome3 domelight door1 door2 doorlab doorslotted doorwheel doubledoor drawer1 drawer2 drawer3 dresser driftwood1 driftwood2 driftwood3 driftwoodclump1 driftwoodclump2 driftwoodclump3 dryer dumpster1 dumpster2 dumpster3 E                     TOP elevatordoor explosivedrum F                     TOP fence1 fence2 fence3 fence4 fence5 fence6 fencebarbed1 fencebarbed2 fencebarbed3 fencebarbed4 fencebarbed5 fencebarbed6 fencebarbed7 fencebarbed8 fencebarbed9 filecabinet1 filecabinet2 fireplace fishingboat1 fishingboat2 floodlight fountain fridge G                     TOP gascan1 gascan2 gaspump gatedoor1 gatedoor2 gear1 gear2 generator1 generator2 generatortrailer grainelevator grave1 grave2 grave3 grave4 gravecross gravestatue H                     TOP handrail1 handrail2 handrailcap handrailcorner handraillong handrailmedium handrailrise1 handrailrise2 handrailshort harpoon heater1 heater2 heavydoor helicopterbomb hevcase hevmachine horse hula I                     TOP interiorfence1 interiorfence2 interiorfence3 interiorfence4 interiorfence5 interiorfence6 interiorfence7 interiorfence8 interiorfence9 interiorfence10 interiorfence11 interiorfence12 interiorfence13 interiorfence14 interiorfence15 interiorfence16 interiorfence17 interiorfence18 interiorfence19 J                     TOP jar1 jar2 jug junglegym1 junglegym2 K                     TOP kennel keyboard keypad kitchencounter1 kitchencounter2 kitchencounter3 kitchencounter4 kitchenfridge kitchenshelf1 kitchenshelf2 kitchensink kitchenstove1 kitchenstove2 L                     TOP labconsole labgenerator lablight lablocker ladder ladder_short ladder_top ladder_long lamp lamppost laundrybasket laundrycart1 laundrycart2 lightcluster lockers M                     TOP magnet magnifyinglamp masterinterface mattress melon metalbed milk1 milk2 miniteleport monitor1 monitor2 monitor3 mountedlight1 mountedlight2 mug N                     TOP newspaper O                     TOP oildrum P                     TOP padlock paintcan paper partsbin payphone payphonereceiver pictureframe pillar plantpot plasticcrate pliers pole popcan pot1 pot2 pot3 pot4 powertower prisongate1 prisongate2 prisongate3 prisonslidingdoor propane propanecanister propanetank pulleyhook pulleylarge pulleysmall pushcart R                     TOP radiator1 radiator2 ravendoor ravenholm receiver1 receiver2 receiver3 receiver4 receivercart refrigerator rock rockcliff1 rockcliff2 rockcliff3 rockcliff4 rockcliff5 rockcliff6 rockcliff7 rockcliff8 rockcliff9 rockcliff10 rockcliff11 rockcliff12 rockcliff13 rockcliff14 rockcliff15 rockcliff16 rockcliff17 rockcliff18 rockcliff19 rockcliff20 rockcliff21 rockcliff22 rockcliff23 rockcliff24 rockcliff25 rockcliff26 rockcluster1 rockcluster2 rockcluster3 rockcluster4 rockcluster5 rockcluster6 rockcluster7 roofvent1 roofvent2 roofvent3 roofvent4 S                     TOP satellitedish1 satellitedish2 sawblade scaffolding securitybank servers shelf1 shelf2 shelf3 shelf4 shoe shovel sign1 sign2 sign3 sign4 sign5 sign6 sign7 sign8 sink1 sink2 sink3 slide smokestack speakers stool storagecloset stove substation1 substation2 substation3 substation4 substation5 substation6 substation7 suitcase1 suitcase2 support swingset T                     TOP table1 table2 table3 takeout tanker teetertoter thumper1 thumper2 tictacktoeblock toilet toiletcombo towtruck tracksign1 tracksign2 tracksign3 tracksign4 tracksign5 tracksign6 tracksign7 tractortire trafficcone trafficlight trailer1 trailer2 train1 train2 train3 train4 train5 trainlightcluster trainseats trainstationpost trainstoplight1 trainstoplight2 traintrack1 traintrack2 trapblade trapengine trashbin trashcan1 trashcan2 tree1 tree2 tree3 tree4 tree5 tree6 treecliff1 treecliff2 treegroup treeoak truck truckcab trucktire truss1 truss2 truss3 truss4 truss5 truss6 truss7 truss8 truss9 tube tubecap tugboat1 tugboat2 tv U                     TOP utilitypole1 utilitypole2 utilitypole3 utilitypole4 utilitypole5 utilitypolemount V                     TOP valvewheel1 valvewheel2 van vanity vendingmachine W                     TOP wagon washer1 washer2 washingmachine weaponstripper wheel1 wheel2 wheel3 wheel4 wheel5 wheel6 wheelbarrow windmillblade window1 window2 woodcrate1 woodcrate2 woodfence1 woodfence2 woodpallet workspace1 workspace2 workspace3 workspace4 wrench